Freelance Medical Illustrator

Medical Illustration

Leading freelance medical illustrator. Anatomy, cellular, clinical, surgical, advertising concepts + award-winning design services. Medical textbook illustration expert working with the top publishers: Elsevier, Lippincott, and McGraw-Hill. Experienced working with medical businesses, university medical centers, and individual doctors. Freelance and contract work.

Professional Medical Illustration
  • Medical textbooks
  • Medical Journals
  • Healthcare ad campaigns
  • Physician pamphlets + brochures
  • Medical presentations
  • Medical illustration for websites
  • Television and movies
Matthew has been providing freelance contract medical illustration for us since the early 1990s when medical illustrations first went digital. He is a seasoned pro. His work is clean, he works well with both authors and editors. He’s on time and within budget and has pulled off more than a few miracles under pressure. You can’t find many other illustrators this experienced and responsible. He's also a great project manager and a nice guy, too. KS, Freelance Medical Editor